Women of React
Sat, April 25, 2020 Online Conference


<p>Women of React is an online conference where women take the (virtual) stage, but everyone is welcome to attend and participate! Watch the stream live, ask your questions on our moderated Discord, forge new and meaningful connections, learn a little, laugh a little. Put together by and for women working with React, this event is small, from the heart, and very much a labor of love meant to bring people together.</p>


Welcome Talk with Rachel Nabors9:4512:4517:45
Yuraima TL;DR Accessible Components : tips for building out accessible components10:0013:0018:00
Neha Sharma on Design Systems10:3513:3518:35
Taley'a Mirza Level up your Design System with styled-system11:1014:1019:10
Longer snack break plus yoga with Luna Wei!11:4514:4519:45
Fireside Chat with Rachel Nabors, Sara Vieira, Jenn Creighton, Cassidy Williams, Pariss Athena, Shruti Kapoor12:3015:3020:30
Maggie Appleton Drawing the Invisible: How to Explain React through Visual Metaphors13:0516:0521:05
Anushree Subramani on React Dev Tools13:4016:4021:40
Lightning Talks by Carolyn Stransky, Olena Sovyn, Jen Luker14:3017:3022:30
Eve Porcello React Finding the Fun: Using TDD with React15:0018:0023:00
Adrianna Valdivi on preparing for React tech interviews15:3518:3523:35
Q & A with Sophie Alpert, Flarnie Marchan, Luna Ruan, Shubhie Panicker, Nicole Sullivan, Rachel Nabors16:1019:1000:10
Goodbye, we love you!17:0020:0001:00




Why are you doing this?
Because we want to bring women who work with React together.
Who can attend?
Anyone can attend—so long as they adhere to our Code of Conduct.
What does it cost?
Nothing! It's free!
Will it be captioned?
Yes! We will have live captioning!
Can I sponsor this event?
Nope! We took care of all our basic costs ourselves! This event is entirely free and from the heart <3
Will there be moderation?
Yes! We have a zero-troll policy and the mods to enforce it. (We always need more mods! Contact us to volunteer!)
Will I need to be on video?
No! Using your camera is not necessary for participating!



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